Covid-19 pandemic forced most of the countries to put a lockdown on their population to slow down the rate of infection of the virus.

Instagram carousel template

Instagram carousel template

People were glued in their homes as a result. Watching and surfing the internet were the most likely thing to do to pass away the time.

In a study by Social Insider website, with the help from Sked Social, they uncover a startling find: the number of engagements on Instagram fluctuates back to the year 2019.

It’s a head-scratching discovery given the fact that previous data shows a yearly increase of engagements, and a pandemic that forced people to tinker with their phones most of the time.

The study wasn’t able to conclude if users are now satisfied checking the stories of an IG account and somehow affected the way people interact with the regular posts in the feed.

Anyhow, there are other revelations from the study that are worth considering by businesses and influencers in order to harness the power of Instagram in engaging with their audiences.

The study shows:

    1) Carousels tend to have a higher impression and engagement rates, especially with 1,000 – 10,000 followers.
    2) An average caption of 10 words increases engagements for business accounts.
    3) A larger number of followers gets more comments with a video post.